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Family Law

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_single_image image=»1282″ img_size=»large» alignment=»center» style=»vc_box_border_circle_2″ css_animation=»top-to-bottom»][vc_column_text]Family Law, being one of the most sensitive law fields, requires of not only a knowledgeable lawyer but also with the capacity of having a special management around his/her cases. We can provide you with advisory and assistance in Family Law proceedings such as:

The obligation arising among persons within a kin to provide support in favor of those without capacity of covering their own needs; it can be the spouse, parents and children.
The obligation may exist among spouses, from parents to children, from children to their parents, and even sibling.
If you are in need of receiving support or if you are already paying support and you consider it to be excessive, our law firm can help you with the corresponding requests in order for you to receive or pay what is just.


When both parents do not live together, their agreement as to the guardianship, custody and communication and visit regime as long as it does not affect the minor’s superior interest.
If such agreement cannot be reached or if it does not service the material or moral interests, the situation must be resolved by the competente authority.
Among the most common conflicts are the prohibition of visiting or communicating with the minors.


It is the agreement between the future spouses in order to stipulate, modify or substitute the matrimony’s economic regimen, which can be done before or after the wedding, requiring a public deed for their legal validity.
According to their origin, the matrimony economic regime is classified into conventional economic regime, agreed upon by the future spouses by means of a prenuptial agreement, and the legal economic regime, established by law with a subsidiary or supplementing character.
If you decide to marry and wish to establish a PRENUPTIAL AGREEMENT, we recommend coordinating an appointment with our firm in order to assist you for your best convenience.

Mutually Agreed Divorce
The couple that has been married for more than two years and wishes to divorce in good terms. If there are minors in the matrimony it is essential that a guardianship and custody agreement is submitted, which can also be agreed upon by the parties. Since it is a non-contentious proceeding, it does not extend to many months for a Divorce Resolution to be reached.
Contentious Divorce
It has a fault ground and most of the times it involves the lack of understanding between the parties. There are many grounds such as adultery, psychologic abuse, physical abuse, home abandonment, among others. Which ever the cause, it must feature good evidence support.

Domestic violence is the act committed within a family by one of its members harms the life, physical and psychological integrity or freedom of another member.
Domestic violence is regulated by law 38 of 2001 which defines it as «behavioral pattern that uses physical force or sexual or psychological aggression, intimidation or persecution against a person carried out by his/her spouse, ex spouse, relatives or family members that may live or have lived in the same house or sustains or have sustained a legally recognized relationship, or with whom a consensual relationship is sustained, or the parent of one’s child, with the objective of causing physical damage or a close person to cause emotional harm»,

A living person enjoying full mental capabilities has the right to decide what to do with his/her goods once he/she is deceased. This is the reason why a living person must render a will in order to have his/her wishes fulfilled in favor of any other person with the ability of inheriting.

If you wish us to provide advisory regarding any particular situation you can arrange an appointment with us at +507-396-1402 or write us at[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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