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Permanent Residency as Professional Foreigner in Panama

The Professional Foreigner Visa provides the opportunity to apply first to a Provisional Visa of two years and afterwards to the Permanent Residency. This Visa provides also the right to obtain a Work Permit, first that should be renewed and once you have the Permanent Residency it is indefinite. Nationals of ALL countries can apply to this Visa if they possess a Diploma of a University with a career that it not exclusive for Panamanians. Please see go to «Restricted Professions» in order to view the ones  that cannot apply.

How does the Professional Foreigner Visa work?

First application

– You provide an authenticated copy of the apostilled or legalized diploma

– You addition the Police Records, also apostilled or legalized, along with the rest of the documents the lawyer provides

– You are entitled to a Provisional Visa of two years with the right of applying to a work permit, that should also be renewed upon a year

Second application

– You should have at least 9 months of Social Security paid

– You will be provided a Permanent Residency with right of cedula (Panamanian ID), as well as permanent work permit

What else should you know about the Professional Foreigner Visa?

– It is not necessary to have a bank account

– The Visa allows to include dependents, however in this case  you do need a bank account or demonstrate you are working in order to prove income

– You do not need additional investment

– You should be in Panama for the registration in Immigration and can travel while the Visa is in process

– You can obtain a job with a company or work in your own business or as professional services

What to do if I already have the documents ready?

– The travel to Panama is coordinated for the registration

– Once in Panama you fill out the rest of the documents provided by the lawyer in case the services are provided by us.

– You can stay in Panama or travel back to your country until the Visa is approved, if the documents are filed during your stay you should obtain the Multiple Visa to avoid fines

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