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How to Obtain a License to Drive as Foreigner

Every foreigner that obtains a Residency in Panama is able to obtain also a Driving License, as a tourist, you can only drive for 90 days with the License of your country.

The requirements to obtain the Driving License in Panama are:

(Information obtained from: Setracen)


The user will be able to apply to the following categories: “A”, “B”, “C”, “D”:

– Certification of the license.
Note: The following category do not apply: Public Transportation.
– Certified copy from the entity that provides the certification.
– Certify the document at Relaciones Exteriores.
– Original and copy of the Immigration ID.
– Original and copy of passport.
– Original and original of foreign License.
– Laboratory exams for License of bloodtype. If the license states the blood type it is not necessary.
– Visual and aural validations.
– Payment of B/.40.00

You can certify the foreign license:

A. Certification through diplomatic representation in Panama:

Should include certification and certified copy of the license signed by the Consulate. The same then is authenticated in Relaciones Exteriores. They should include the word «Certification or Declaration», with all the information of the user as stated in the passport, country where the license was provided, description of type of vehicles authorized to drive and that is a true and accurate copy.

B. Apostilled or Legalized:

When the certification is provided by the entity that provide the license in your country.


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