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Corporate Law

We provide services that involve all companies (large and small) y businesses in general; opening of bank accounts, public deeds, minutes, merges, acquisitions, contracts, corporate records, and all that relates to corporate strategies.

Due Dilligence

Every company has interest in learning who is it connecting with in trade and work relationships. Panama Legal Group offers the required investigation to assure that you are making the right choice.

New Business Development

We provide the advisory to our clients interested in carrying out a business needing guidance as to advantages, disadvantages, methods and available options according to their interests and capabilities.


Well connected to development of new businesses, but useful as well to already established businesses, we work with our clients providing them with out allies from different industries so that the establishing of their new business features a more comfortable and effective development (accountants, real estate, architects, etc.), providing turnkey solutions from the incorporation of your company until you are ready to operate with the required facility and personnel.

Public Tenders

We give advice in everything related to the participation of the public tenders with the Panamanian Governmental Administration.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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