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How to obtain Panamanian ID (Cedula)

It can be obtained by foreigners with Permanent Residency approved with the right to obtain cedula such as:

– Retirees
– Friendly Nations Visa
– Professional Foreigner in the renovation
– Investor
– Married with Panamanian

Once you obtain the resolution approving your Visa, in 30 days the Immigration Authorities will provide the «Carta de Cèdula», which is a letter that you will file in the Tribunal Electoral.

At this moment you proceed to pay US$65.00 and they will provide your Panamanian ID.

After 5 years of being a Permanent Resident you can apply to the Panamanian Nationality.



    1. Good afternoon,
      With your permanent residency you can still obtain the cedula, you should have obtained the Cedula Letter from Immigration and request the cedula at the Tribunal Electoral.

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